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finally brings you the high-speed internet you've been looking for.

Charter internet Utah

If you were limited to slow speeds in the past, Charter now connects you to the kind of speed you've never had before. Take a closer look at some of the packages that Charter Internet can provide you in Utah and you'll see that our services and prices beat the competition.

With Charter Internet in Utah, you can get speeds up to 60Mbps and upload speeds close to 5Mbps, which means you're not limited to what you can do with our services. You can download songs in seconds, stream high quality video and even play online games with all of your friends.

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With Charter in Utah, you get some of the fastest speeds available in the country. With speeds that can be as high as 20x faster than DSL service, Charter Internet brings high-speed internet to everyone in Utah. You can downloads dozens of songs in seconds, upload hundreds of high-resolution pictures in just a few minutes to share with friends and even stream HD movies to all of your devices.

Sometimes in Utah it was tough to find high-speed internet that also provided the ability for you to play online games, but with Charter Internet that's a thing of the past. With fast upload speeds and blazing fast download speeds, lagging in your favorite multiplayer games is a thing of the past!

Charter cable internet UT
Utah cable internet packages

Not only does Charter bring you blazing fast internet speeds in Utah, but you can also get some of the best television services with our bundled packages. With our TV service you get 125+ channels and over 200 channels in HD available. Not only can you get some of the best channels such as ESPN, HBO and NFL Network but you also get access to over 10,000 shows and movies On Demand. Charter also brings you their mobile app, which means with internet access anywhere in Utah you can access live digital streaming TV!

Bundling your internet and television can save you lots of money and make service easier, but the good news is you can also bundle in Charter Internet's voice services in Utah as well. With multiple calling features such as 24/7 voicemail, call waiting and caller ID you get the same great service you would all bundled up with the rest of your services. You also get unlimited local and long distance within the United States with Charter voice service, with some fantastic international calling rates as low as 3 cents per minute. Or, you can opt for our 250 Calling Plan which gives you 250 international minutes to nearly 200 countries for only $20 a month.

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